Macular Degeneration

Our eye is a very complex organ. It consists of optical sensors (rods and cones), nerves, lens, and special fluids. All these components work in unison to produce an image which is carried to the optic lobe of the brain. Any abnormality in any one of the component leads to a progressive loss of vision. Some of the conditions can be treated with medication and surgery, but with little success rate. With great progress in the field of stem cells research it has become possible to address some of the problems with adipose derived stem cells or bone marrow derived stem cells. In future some of the degenerative eye diseases may be treated by induced pluripotent stem cell

Stem Cells Therapy: Stemcells Medicare Protocol

We at Stem Cell Medicare have been giving treatment to patients for degenerative diseases of the eye.

Since , the eye is a very special organ the treatment is given at a well equipped eye institute by an eye surgeon. The stem cells are harvested and sent to a national certified laboratory for amplification and imparting cytoplasmic markers for the damaged tissue. The injections are done by an eye surgeon.

We strive to design protocol for each patient to suit his needs. The technique is quite effective, safe and without any side effects.

The entire medical procedure at Stemcells Medicare consists of 4 steps:


Qualification For The Treatment


Source Extraction


Laboratory Processing



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