Media Coverage

Russia Today news report on demand of Indian surrogate motherhood. Coverage of Delhi IVF.
Total TV News coverage about 64 year old couple give birth to a baby at Delhi IVF center.
Aajtak news report on rise of Test Tube baby, Interview with DR. Anoop Gupta, Delhi IVF Specialist
Delhi Aajtak special program on pregnancy of 64 year old couple (IAS Officer) at Delhi IVF.
NDTV discussion on urban phenomenon of infertility with IVF Specialist DR. Anoop Gupta.
Delhi Aajtak & Times of India report on Gay Couple give birth to twins baby at Delhi IVF.
Delhi Aajtak report on rise of single motherhood in India. Conversation with DR. Anoop Gupta.
n-tv (Renowned German News Channel) Interviewed Dr. Anoop Gupta and Dr. Aastha Gupta

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