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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Due to the popularity of sports, it is common to come across injuries of sports persons. These injuries are due to traumatic stress due to overuse or accidents while playing. These injuries involve various parts of the body like bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. The injuries may manifest as swelling, tears or broken parts.

Some of the common injuries affect:

    • Achilles Tendon
    • Knee Ligaments
    • Ankle
    • Rotor Cuff tear
    • Tennis Elbow

Some of the minor injuries can be treated with medicines and pain killer sprays and fomentation, but serious injuries need surgical repair. These surgeries do not insure complete recovery and return to the field. The rehabilitation period is long. Most of these injuries if not repaired threaten their sport carrier of the player.

But stem cell therapies with stem cells derived from bone marrow or adipose tissue or both and along with PRP provide with a better option. Since, the stem cells are recovered from your own body they are safe, effective and without any fear of rejection. The recovery period is short and the person can get back to the field.

Stem Cells Therapy: Stemcells Medicare Protocol

We at Stem Cell Medicare have been giving treatment to patients for orthopedic degenerative diseases with autologous mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow, with great success. From half the bone marrow stem cells are separated by special machine and injected directly at the site of damage. The remaining bone marrow is sent to laboratory for amplification of stem cells and imparting cytoplasmic markers for making muskuloskeletal tissue progenitor cells. These progenitor cells are injected by intra venous drip.

We strive to design protocol for each patient to suit his needs. The technique is quite effective, safe and without any side effects.

The entire medical procedure at Stemcells Medicare consists of 4 steps:


Qualification For The Treatment


Source Extraction


Laboratory Processing



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