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Stem Cell Medicare
A modern centre for Stem Cell Therapies and research for treatment of diseases which cannot be treated by conventional medicine. The stem cell therapy can certainly make a difference by improving their quality of life. Stem Cell Medicare is a research oriented clinic specializing on developing protocols for Regenerative Medicine. we are interested in limitless potential of Human Stem Cells in providing a natural cure for any degenerative disease. With this aim we strive to deliver therapies for the safe and effective treatment of diseases for which there is no treatment, under the best medical conditions. We are consistently trying to improve and establish the safety and efficacy of stem cell technology.

Our staff and doctors are expert in developing protocols for each patient and the disease to get the best results and maximum relief for our patients. Stem Cell Medicare is not only helping patients with life threatening diseases, but also in cosmetic and anti aging therapies.

Vision Statement:
As research progresses, we are finding a more and more diseases are due to processed food, genetically modified crops, and environmental pollutants, leading to auto immune reaction, leading to inflammation and degenerative diseases .

For most of these diseases we have no reliable treatment. The future of the modern day medicine is possible through regenerative medicine. It is for this reason stem cell therapies are required to help people live happy and healthy life.

Our Mission
At Stem Cell Medicare we constantly device new protocols for each patient to get the best results. To consistently, get good out-comes, we experiment with, the type of stem cell, their number, application methods and number of times the treatment has to be given.

We design a unique protocol for each patient; specifically keeping in mind the best cell source, viable cell quantity and reinjection protocol. Every patient gets a certificate of analysis as a proof of cells viability, numbers per implantation administered.
Our aim is to provide patients with a safe and efficient quantity and quality of stem cells extracted from a source most suitable for the disease to the actual transplant and post transplant preparations and follow up for the patient.

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