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Thin Endometrium

Endometrial thickness is an important factor in implantation and pregnancy. In several studies, the minimum endometrial thickness for embryo transfer has been reported to be 7 mm. Several approaches have been tried to increase endometrial thickness for frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) cycles but as yet there is no consensus on the most effective method. Some FET cycles are cancelled due to thin endometrium despite routine treatment, and there is no recognized protocol for increasing the thin endometrium.


Stem Cells Therapy: Stemcells Medicare Protocol

We at Stem Cell Medicare have been giving treatment to patients for degenerative diseases with autologous mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow, or adipose derived or both with great success. Half the stem cells are separated by special machine and injected by intra venous route or directly at the site of damage, the remaining stem cells are sent to a laboratory for amplification of cells and imparting cytoplasmic markers for making progenitor cells for particular tissue regeneration. These progenitor cells are injected by intra venous drip.

We strive to design protocol for each patient to suit his needs. The technique is quite effective, safe and without any side effects.

The entire medical procedure at Stemcells Medicare consists of 4 steps:


Qualification For The Treatment


Source Extraction


Laboratory Processing



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